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Jessie Burton, A MUSA

Estamos a ler A Musa de Jessie Burton porque gostámos de A Miniaturista.
A Guerra Civil espanhola e os anos 60 em Londres experienciados por uma imigrante.

Artigos sobre o livro:


Entrevista com a autora (sobre A Miniaturista):

sobre A Musa


Nesta entrevista há duas perguntas/ respostas interessantes:
Who is whose muse in this novel?
Odelle uses Quick as a muse, but I think Odelle is also a muse unto herself. For me, having a muse is nothing more than having a conversation with your own psyche. Olive thinks Isaac is her muse, but she’s just displacing responsibility and all the creativity comes from her. Quick is inspired by Odelle – and so the cycle goes on. Artists always borrow from other people’s lives; they harvest them for their own use. It can be a dangerous game!
Were any elements of this novel based on real-life events?
In terms of the story of the painting that is discovered; yes. Misattribution of artworks certainly happens. The case of Judith Leyster and Frans Hals in seventeenth-century Holland, for example – no one thought a woman could paint the paintings she did! Also in the 1960s, there was the Big Eyes story – a man called Walter Keane passed off his wife Margaret’s paintings as his own, and pocketed millions for himself. It is often a gendered thing. Women historically have not been considered capable of ‘great’ works of art, of universal messages to give to the world. Men have. So it stands to reason that unconscious bias and misattribution of authority take place in the cultural field as much as it does in the economic and political ones. In terms of what happens in the Spanish village, then yes; many villages and towns were split down the middle in terms of people’s loyalties, there were brutal extra-judicial killings and families’ lives ruined for ever.
Uma leitura do livro pela autora em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Xk-9QAuUjU
Uma entrevista na BBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91FP8l_QXYI
Em francês, o livro é Les Filles au Lion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvGQyUUo60c

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